About us

The classic story: a child finds a violin in the attic, learns to play it from a travelling fiddler and then whole generations became musicians… No wonder! Music can be like any kind of addiction, especially if you are good at it.

We are professional musicians, winners of international competitions, who stem from a long family line of violinists, carrying an honoured tradition of violin technique. Having worked in professional orchestras in number of coutries, we have experienced varying approaches to music, but the essence of a passion for communicating with music has constantly grown.

A very large part of our work is to expand the literature for our instruments – violin and harp – by creating transcriptions of compositions by great masters.

As a team, Nandor Szederkényi, violinist based in the UK, does the transcription work with his daughter Katrina Szederkényi, harpist living in Germany, as specialist for the harp parts. Working together, they make sure that all are equally well playable on the harp as well as on the violin.

Since the instrumentation of violin and harp, has such a sweet and warm violin sound together with the modern harp’s well based and brilliant spectrum; it makes a truly balanced sound mixture with a full scale of colours.