As professional musicians, we are offering our transcriptions of some very well known master pieces and some lesser known gems of the “classical” music for solo violin, solo harp and violin & harp duo.

Following traditions of many famous composers, we have been making transcriptions of some monumental orchestral works for only one or two instruments (like violin and harp), while staying true to the original compositions, so they can be enjoyed in smaller settings.

Browsing through the iStrings recordings here, will help to find what you’re looking for or just to get to know some music you would really like. There are a number of recordings/videos on YouTube for free listening, samples of more recordings here at iStrings, and links to iTunes. The recordings are also available on many different music platforms.

Please find the the links to the iStrings recordings and publications under the menus.

If you are interested in our works, please go to the sheet music pages, where we have all the notation files of our transcriptions in a beautiful layout, thanks to the professional software “Finale” (and our experience with it). Our editions include bowings and fingerings for the violin and pedal markings for the harp parts.

Should you wish for a transcription of a specific work, we’ll be happy to make you an offer. Please contact us directly with any requests!