...there is a trend to name all kinds of things as "iSomething"...like iTunes, iPod, iPhone, etc. Most likely you could guess what iStrings stands for if you know that it implies music. So, naturally, we are all involved in playing instruments of the string family, namely violin, viola, cello and even piano and harp. Even though in orchestra or chamber music, strings are referred to as only the first three of these instruments, but we should realize that a piano, let alone a harp, wouldn't be an instrument without strings!

Probably, if you found this site, it was the result of a search for something about or related to music. As enthusiastic musicians, we are looking for new ideas, playing a wider range of the literature and constantly searching for lesser known or even unknown but interesting works. Our efforts cannot change the world, but hopefully someday our efforts will also bring results.

Music could be defined in a million ways. But the purpose in creating music can only be singlefold - to recreate the intended feelings which the piece should invoke. To achieve this, we need performers who try to understand the intention of the composer and to incorporate that in their way of playing. However, this seems to have become secondary to performing technically perfect. In our media-centered cold digital world, music tends to become ever more robotic, demanding pure technical brilliance. The result of the "production" of the new generation of stars is a great danger for the future of music. Loosing passion and the joy of music creation could lead to the demise of music enjoyment, a trend that is already in progress. For us, the most important fact is that we really enjoy playing music and therefore we hope that our audiences will also enjoy listening to us. Our goal is to try to reverse this process, by making musicians and also audiences realize and believe in the importance of this issue.

Also, we would like to preserve music, as we like it. Although there are millions of CD's available, our recordings may be different, maybe even unique to many. The repertoire we offer includes some lesser and even unknown music, of interest also to connoisseurs.

Being such idealistic musicians is not always easy, but music gives us so much pleasure that it compensates for everything, making the world a better place for us. Don't expect anything spectacular - it's just all about music and the love for music.

* * *