N. Szederkenyi: ca-D-enza for solo violin

This is an original composition by Hungarian violin virtuoso Nandor Szederkenyi, former concertmaster in several major orchestras from Japan to Austria, who also had a long career as soloist.

Incorporating probably all major violin works, particularly concertos written in D minor or major, it may be called the ultimate cadenza. A typical “violinistic” piece for solo violin, like a cadenza, but meant more as an encore than a cadenza, as there are so many quotations of different works involved. It is a fantasy, thematic ideas flowing freely, demonstrating modern violin techniques, which gives lots of fun for the player and audience.

Published using the leading notation software Finale, bowings and fingerings are included, to make studying this interesting, fun piece easier.

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The original composition of ca-D-enza by N. Szederkenyi for solo violin includes bowings and fingerings.

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