M. Ravel: La Valse; transcription for string quartet with harp (Szederkényi)

This transcription was written after the violin/harp version was already published, with the idea of giving even more possibilities for musicians. Also, with a string quartet it is possible to stay closer to the original, using even more original harp parts from the orchestra harp part, and being a little bit more on the less difficult side for harp technique.

Helping to enlarge the repertoire of the violin & harp literature, this is a nice change for players and audience equally, merging the whole orchestra into a duet of violin and harp.

The quartet harp version of La Valse is based more on the original orchestra score. Main melody lines in the strings, often as in the original, and mainly original harp part complemented with orchestral elements as necessary, in a harp technical way. A technically highly demanding work for all instruments.

Written by Hungarian violin virtuoso Nandor Szederkenyi, former concertmaster in several major orchestras from Japan to Austria, who also had a long career as soloist.

Published using the leading notation software Finale, he includes bowings and fingerings, in collaboration with his duo partner/daughter who was took care of the pedal markings of the harp part.

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A challenging transcription of Ravel’s masterpiece for string quartet with harp, by Nandor Szederkényi; – complete parts, score, and edited harp part by Katrina Szederkényi.

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Eine sehr anspruchsvolle Bearbeitung von Nandor Szederkényi, Ravels La Valse für Streichquartett mit Harfe. Partitur und Stimmensatz; Harfenstimme mit Pedalen eingerichtet von Katrina Szederkényi.

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