E. Ysaÿe: Cadenza for violin concerto Op. 35 by P. I. Tchaikovsky

It is a well known fact among violinists that Tchaikovsky wrote the cadenza to his violin concerto. Probably, this cadenza – written by the violin virtuoso Eugene Ysaÿe – is the only existing one written by another composer.

This edition is originated from the presumably original manuscript, corrected some obvious mistakes and inconsistencies. The fingerings and bowings are also revised, keeping Ysaÿe’s traditional style but changing some of the exaggerated use of his old fashioned technique.

The notation has been done with the professional application Finale, facilitating the reading of this often very complex music.

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Edited with bowings and fingerings by Nandor Szederkenyi.

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Eingerichtet mit Bogenstriche und Fingersätze von Nandor Szederkenyi

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