Julia Randallviolin, viola

Julia was born in Canada and first started playing violin at age five as part of a musical family.  Both her father and grandfather come from strong Hungarian traditions of violin-playing going back to Jenö Hubay.  At the age of sixteen, Julia was accepted into the professional performance diploma programme at the renowned Music University of Vienna, where she received training with Professor Jan Pospichal (concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra) and graduated with first class honours in 2007.
Extensive solo and orchestra performances throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, China, Japan, Canada and many other countries, as well as solo electric violin tours, have provided her with a wealth of experience as a versatile soloist and chamber musician. Masterclasses with György Pauk, Gyula Stuller, Gábor Takács-Nagy and Marina Sorokova have given a broad technical and musical background. In 2012, Julia completed an MA in Music Industry Management in London to complement her previous music studies, having discovered a strong interest in the managerial aspect of music. 


Nora Szederkenyi - violin, viola, piano

Brandon University music graduate with highest honours in performance, theory and history, Nora continued her studies with prominent teachers, Max Rostal, Sandor Vegh and Bruno Giuranna. Her experience as an orchestral musician with the Philharmonia Hungarica and various orchestras in Canada as well as chamber music enable her to pass on a legacy to her students. Beloved by violin, viola and piano students of all ages in Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria and the UK, she gives them an appreciation and enjoyment of music with a high standard of excellence.




Nandor Szederkenyi - violin (only advanced students)

With a wealth of experience as soloist, concertmaster (leader) and chamber musician, Nandor feels a strong desire to give young musicians the skills needed for aspiring young professional violinists. Having worked internationally throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and China, he has incredible insight into the various university and competition requirements.

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Carol Goddard - piano

With a love for music, Carol inspires young students to enjoy learning the necessary skills as pianists.