Recordings enthusiastic musicians, we have our own recording studio. It's in the basement of our house, enough room for a small chamber orchestra. Since we started over twenty years ago (this is our third studio), at that time with an analog tape reel-to-reel machine etc., our goal was to make recordings on the same technical level as any big name label. The result is that we now have very nice microphones with preamps, processors, and high end DAW systems, in audio circles a so called "home studio". It is completely isolated from the outside world, built with dry enough acoustics for recordings but with some short reverb time to give a comfortable sound for the players. We started to learn how to record and slowly gained reasonable gear after the first CD's arrived and made the first "musician-recordings" in the 80's.

Listening to the new media was extermely exciting, but soon we had to discover that many of the works were (and still are) often missing the musical sense. This was either because of questionable playing level or over-edited and processed cold technical perfection. Still today there are many pro's and simply called "music-lovers" who dislike digital media because they belive that digital killed the music. Maybe this is so, first of all because of this huge opportunity to be able to edit practically anything, even change pitch or lenght. Very soon we had listen to nearly perfect recordings, as perfect as never anyone could play live. So, the fact was that especially in those days only the top stars had all the opportunities and the rest of us were just ignored, that we decided to learn how to record, beginning with accoustics to the last details of mastering.

Just to get an idea, here are some technical details:

42 m2 room, noise less than -60dB incl. air cond.
Mics: Neumann, B&K, AKG, Rode with 8 chanel Grace Design preamp,
Tc. electronic, Lexicon processors,
Pro Tools systems,
Genelec, Yamaha monitors
Full size Native Instruments Sample library
Vienna Symphonic Library
Baldwin grand piano

...and a few good musicians ;-)