About us

...as a small bunch of musicians, trying to keep up with the competition... that's how it would sound in a quite improper way. Well, the reality is that everyone, not only the musicians, is doing that. These days, everyone is selling, whatever there is for sale.

Not here! First of all because, just as an example, I went to a music university and not to a busienss school. Sounds unbelievable, but even though the music business is huge worldwide, unfortunately most of us musicians get very little benefit from that. Business will be done somewhere else, just as simple as that.

But at least we are happy, if the music we make gets recognition, in big concert halls, sometimes for just a few people, or we get a nice review of a new recording.

Together with international musicians, we have a considerable variety of recordings, ranging from solo violin or harp, to chamber music, and even some pop tracks. However, all musicians perform live regularly and are available in various instrumental combinations for any kind of event.

Award- and competitions-winning harpist Katrina Szederkenyi performs recitals internationally and is also available for various occasions such as weddings, receptions, and orchestral, chamber music, and solo concerts. For more info, check out her at www.harpist.eu.

Elysha is establishing herself in the pop scene as a performer on the electric violin, playing shows throughout Europe. Check out her tracks here or get more info about her upcoming shows at www.elyshaland.com.

Nandor Szederkenyi, first prize winner of the International Szigeti Violin Competition, soloist and concertmaster, has recorded unique virtuoso violin masterpieces.

For those interested in authentic Viennese music for special occasions, we offer an ensemble performing at the local “Heurigen”, wineries near Vienna or at the different famous Palais in Vienna – complete with an incomparably unique flair.

We also work with the well-known music publisher Schott in Germany, preparing new editions of works by Eugene Ysaye. The first work was published in 2005, String Trio Le Chimay. Of special interest is the complete Trio “Le Londres” in three movements for two violins and viola, Op. 35, which is available since spring 2009. A recording of this monumental work is also  available here.

For anyone in the vicinity, (near Vienna, Austria) we offer recording facilities in a small studio for up to app. 10 musicians, with state-of-the-art professional equipment.

And last, but not least, we have mp3 samples of most of the recordings at the MUSIC pages.

If you have any kind of questions, please contact us.